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Bad Breath

Peck Halitosis 6

A common response of activity of bacteria inside the mouth is bad breath (halitosis). Even though it cannot be confirmed for sure, the majority of men and women probably are afflicted by occasional halitosis but it has been estimated that possibly 25% are afflicted by halitosis on a chronic basis. There are actually two types of bad breath. Periodic bad breath is the result of food such as onions and garlic and usually only lasts from 24-72 hours. The odor of persistent bad breath results if bacteria inside your mouth and on your tongue brings about the development of volatile sulfur compounds (VSC’s) by means of hydrogen sulfides. The presence of gum (periodontal) disease can also be due to chronic halitosis. Brushing, flossing and the use of mouthwash may not get rid of this type of persistent halitosis and expert breath treatment may be required.

Peck Mouthwash 4

Many people with halitosis believe that their friends, family and co-workers don’t realize they have an “odor” problem. That’s because they probably used a mouthwash previously in the day and they are oblivious to the fact that the blast of flavoring has long ago worn off.

This is because most over-the-counter breath-freshening rinses will not eliminate bad breath. They may only hide it briefly. An unbiased analysis of 15 mouthwash products highlighted that although they all masked bad breath after ten minutes, not very many were still working after a few hours. Additionally, most mouthwash products and solutions contain alcohol that dries soft oral tissue and ultimately leads to even faster development of odor-causing bacteria.

Mouthwashes are typically superficial and don’t have a very long lasting effect on foul breath. When you must always use a breath freshener to cover up unpleasant mouth odor, your problem could be more serious. So if the daily mouthwash routine has not been helping you, and you are still concerned with bad breath, see Dr. Peck. We can help discover the source and, in case it is because of an oral issue, establish a treatment plan to help completely get rid of it.