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Dentistry Affects Grades

Peck Grades 1

“Dental care has a huge impact on children’s grades!” says the Office of the US Surgeon General in its article on children’s dental health.

This very important article claims more than fifty-one million school hours will be sacrificed every year to dental-related illness.

In fact, children’s dental care is viewed as the most common, poorly met health necessity amid American kids. Far more surprising is the fact around 37% of children have never experienced a dental visit before beginning school and in some regions of the nation dental illness is the primary cause of absenteeism among elementary school kids.

In grade schools across the nation, dentists and school representatives have pointed out that children who go to a dentist on a regular basis not only take significantly better care of their teeth and gums, additionally, they had a greater attendance rate than those who failed to go to a dentist.

Missed classes, as one might expect, resulted in a lowering in grades for children. Not just that, dental problems also:
• diminished confidence for children
• brought about issues with nutrition, resulting in decreased attention span
• discouraged speaking and verbally discussing topics in classes

If caries (cavities) and gingivitis are not found early on and dealt with, they could grow into more severe problems and lead to needless suffering for children.

Luckily, in most cases, dental problems are preventable.

In order to keep children on course with their grades, be sure to include taking them in the family’s visits to the dentist on a regular basis.