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Dentistry Can Affect Grades

Peck Grades 3

“Dentistry has a large impact on children’s grades!” states the Office of the US Surgeon General in the report on children’s dental health.

The important report suggests that more than 51 million school hours are forfeited annually to dental-related health problems.

The truth is, children’s dental care is seen as the most prevalent, poorly met health need involving American children. Far more astonishing is the fact that around 37% of children have never had a dentist visit prior to starting school and in certain areas of the nation dental disease is the number one reason behind absenteeism amongst elementary school children.

In grade schools throughout the country, dental practitioners and school administrators have pointed out that children who see a dentist on a regular basis not only take significantly better care of their teeth and gums, they also had a greater attendance level than those who did not see a dentist.

Missed classes often caused a drop in average grades for children. In addition to that, dental issues also:
• lowered self-esteem for children
• led to issues with nutrition, resulting in decreased attention span
• discouraged speaking and verbally interacting in classes

When caries (cavities) and gingivitis are not found early on and taken care of, they can develop into more serious issues and cause unnecessary suffering for children.

Luckily, in most cases, oral problems are preventable.

To keep children on target with their grades, make sure you include taking them in the family’s visits to the dentist on a regular basis.