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Dental Health And Pre-Term/Low Birth Weight Babies

Peck Pregnant 4

The state of a mom’s dental health may have a large effect on the general health of her newborn. In the event that an expectant woman has gum disease, she actually is more prone to having an infant with pre-term/low birth weight, sepsis, a lower Apgar score, plus an elevated temperature.

Researchers reviewed 870 women with gum disease, aged 18 to 42 years old, and discovered that periodontal treatment considerably decreased the pre-term/low birth weight rate, based on a recent issue of the Journal of Periodontology. The results indicated that ladies who received periodontal treatment consisting of plaque control, scaling, and regular rinsing together with chlorhexidine before 28 weeks of gestation had a considerably lower incidence of pre-term/low birth weight newborns as compared to women who didn’t.

In fact, pregnancy-associated gingivitis afforded much more than a two-fold rise in the possibility for pre-term births.

Women with pregnancy gingivitis really should visit Dr. Peck at the earliest opportunity to obtain treatment as well as preventive maintenance so that they can give their infants a healthy start. Gum disease is easy to deal with, there isn’t any risk to the mother or unborn child, and the final results may be dramatic when it comes to enhancing the chances of delivering a healthy newborn.