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Fred H. Peck, DDS, FAACD
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How Crucial Is A Healthy Smile To The Lifetrack Of Your Child?

Peck Childrens Future 4

Want a peek of your child’s future? Gaze into their mouth. A child’s healthy smile is an indicator of a positive and prosperous destiny. This is because strong teeth and gums are now tightly associated with all around health, according to countless recent reports which have discovered a link between what happens in the mouth to ailments in other parts in the body.

Unfortunately children are among those with the most disappointing oral health in the United States, partly because moms and dads hold off until the kid goes to school before going to the dentist.

Exactly what this all points towards is the fact that optimal oral health in children portends a favorable destiny that includes overall health, high self-esteem, self-confidence, consistent attendance in school, good grades, graduation, employability, success from job interviews, and maybe more importantly, attainment of satisfying private relationships. See your child smile now and for future years by seeing Dr. Peck before they start school.