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Fred H. Peck, DDS, FAACD
Call Us Now: (513) 621-7666

“A Tradition of Excellence
In Dentistry for 3 Generations”

Pampering At The Dentist? YES!

Peck Pampered Patient 1

Okay, maybe this picture goes a little far in how much we pamper our patients. However, if we could make you this relaxed and comfortable, we would!

Allowing you to be comfortable is really important to us and we want to do as much as possible to be sure every visit causes you to feel completely relaxed. The friendly greeting you will get when you enter our dental office is simply the start. Your visit is going to be anxiety-free and we hope that will erase any fears you may have in relation to visiting the dentist.

Below, you will see what we do in our office that will make you feel as pampered as if you were going to a spa:

• Conveniently located where you live and/or work
• Before and after work dental appointments
• Same-day appointments for cosmetic or pain emergencies
• Scheduled appointment reminders through phone, text and email.
• Procedure options are shown completely for your well informed decision.
• A knowledgeable financial and insurance administrator is ready to assist you in getting the insurance benefits your plan offers.
• Step-by-step treatment plans which pamper your finances, your personal requirements and your expectations.
• Inexpensive patient financing choices
• Personal Comfort Patient chairs intended for comfort
• A refreshment bar with hot and iced tea, coffee, juices and bottled water
• Warm cookies and fresh bread to make you feel like you’re in your mama’s kitchen.
• Neck and hand massages for ultimate relaxation
• Soft and inviting pillows for your neck
• Warm, comforting blankets to keep you comfortable
• Hot or cool scented towels for post treatment refreshment
• FM stereo/Cable TV/CD Treatment Comfort
• Relaxing anxiety-relieving medicine
• Bite props that hold your mouth wide open for you so you can daydream.
• Latex-free office
• Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) to ease your anxiety
• Special super numbing gel to numb the injection spot before anesthetic delivery
• Non-stinging and non-burning delivery of Novacain
• A brand new anesthetic referred to as Articaine that offers very profound anesthesia