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Finding a New Dental Practice: Private Practice or Corporate Chain

Anytime you may be selecting a new dentist, you can find two distinct important choices that many patients are dealing with today. It is the choice concerning seeing a corporate dental practice compared to seeing a dentist in private practice. You will find positive aspects with each. Find out what these are to help you make a better choice about what kind of practice might work best for you and your family’s dentistry needs.

To begin with, basic definitions should be understood. Private practice dentistry is if a dentist rents or builds an office space, hires staff, takes care of management, advertising, plus offers dental care to his or her patients. This is what many people are used to when thinking about a dentist.

Peck Corporate Dentist 1

Corporate dentistry is when a dentist has a job in a corporate “owned”, or chain dental practice in place of operating the business by themselves.

The dentist shows up whenever scheduled, carries out any duties that are required, and is responsible for reaching the goals for dental care sold every day. It is not the dentist but, rather, the corporate board that sets those numbers.

The word, “owned” is in quotes above considering that, in 46 states throughout the United States, it’s illegal for someone aside from a licensed dentist to own a dental practice. The dental companies bypass that rule by purchasing a building and “providing” dental practice management, accounting and also advertising services to a dentist. The companies own the building, hire the workers, determine prices and sales objectives and can, essentially, get rid of the dentist when they do not reach the set levels of dentistry sold. Therefore it is your choice to decide who really “owns” the chain dental practice.

Corporate dentistry, in the long run, is accountable to make a profit for their stock owners. In fact, in a recent story by the Center for Public Integrity, some patients of corporate dental chains had been pushed towards receiving treatment choices they may not be able to have the funds for and pushed into taking out long term financing contracts.

In a private dental practice, the doctor might make decisions that might not result in a profit, but, will benefit their patients.

Peck No Name Patient 5

In corporate dentistry, if an employed doctor is simply not creating adequate profit for the corporation, they’ll be fired. Although any company must make a profit, corporate chains have a track record of selecting dentists just out of school who have a large amount of school debts to pay off. The pressure to “sell” dental care may become overwhelming.

In the Center for Public Integrity’s report, an elderly person had been billed over $1,200 for a filling. One patient’s bill highlighted he had all kinds of treatment done (and paid for) on teeth which were scheduled for removal. There are stories that a few corporate dental practices have private international dental laboratories and demand their “employee” dentists to use just that lab.

The dentist turnover rate is huge at these kinds of dental “mills” so whenever a patient comes back they may not always see the very same dentist they saw last time.

On the other hand,in the private practice setting, if a doctor is excellent with their dental patients and helps to keep them satisfied, when it is all said and done the doctor will surely have the personal pleasure of having made individuals’ lives better. This satisfaction and personal involvement in the lives of their patients ensures that private practice dentists will in most cases be in the practice for several years, if not decades.

So, what are the benefits of visiting a corporate practice dentist? The corporation will often promote low prices, even though final billings following add-ons don’t seem to be appreciably distinct from a private-practice dentist’s rates. They also take every single insurance policy which exists in the world. Yet again, many options and add-ons aren’t going to be covered by the patient’s insurance coverage and the person must pay for those out of pocket, if they consent to them.

Our personal suggestion? Choose wisely instead of inexpensively. In Cincinnati, select our dental practice> Dr. Peck does not let your insurance company influence what level of dental care you should have. Check us out at a new patient visit with our team. Our doctor is going to be here when you make your next appointment in the coming year. Our team is going to remember you as well as the long-term plan and objectives which you have set for you as well as your family’s dental health.