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Fred H. Peck, DDS, FAACD
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Dental Lasers

Dental Diode Laser

A great way to deliver highly accurate, delicate treatment minus the possibility of damaging good tissue is by using a soft tissue laser. Given that they don’t require any type of incisions or the need for stitches, soft tissue dental laser treatments can generally be completed while not triggering pain. An added advantage of the dental laser is it greatly reduces infections because while it removes tissue it is also disinfecting the spot at that time. Most importantly, in case you were to compare soft tissue dental laser treatment with traditional treatment done with a scalpel, you should understand that healing time is substantially lessened with the laser.

Dental lasers are a quite effective technique to treat gum disease or perhaps a gummy smile. Again together with the precise control, the dental professional has the ability to address the infected gum tissue without the trauma to good gum tissue. If gum surgery to get rid of extra” tissue which overlaps on top of the tooth surface is performed with a laser there is minimal bleeding and swelling, and no requirement for stitches. The process is fairly painless and healing much faster.

Hard Tissue Dental Laser

The hard tissue dental laser uses a combination of laser energy and water to complete many dental procedures once done with a dentist’s drill. The hard tissue dental laser offers us exceptional control and precision throughout treatments enabling the doctor to conserve healthy tooth structure.

It does not produce the vibration and high-pitched noise of a conventional drill so treatments are much more comfortable for patients. In fact many patients find they no longer necessitate anesthesia for many procedures.