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Fred H. Peck, DDS, AAACD
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“A Tradition of Excellence
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Comprehensive Conservative Dental Care


Getting that beautiful and healthy smile is a lot easier than you can imagine. {With a properly sequenced plan of action, there isn’t any reason you can’t get the smile you’ve dreamed about.|You will be able to obtain the smile of your dreams using a individually designed treatment plan just for you; a wonderfully feeling, long lasting and great looking smile. The key is to take a comprehensive well-balanced “whole mouth” approach that takes into consideration the health of the teeth, gumline, and bite, as well as your general health and, lastly, your esthetic dental crowns The chance of the whole system falling apart exists if just one of those areas is not protected, or to put it differently, is out of balance. A lot of individuals feel that fixing teeth is pointless and just a waste of time and money but they are the ones not taking the comprehensive approach to dentistry.

The simple truth though is that together with mindful planning, from the most simple to the most complicated of dental issues could be fixed creating a wonderful smile that is undeniably one of the greatest and longest lasting purchases you will ever make. Plus the great part is that “comprehensive” does not imply high-priced or “extravagant”. In reality the healthiest thing we can do may be the lowest level of dental work possible.

This approach is what we refer to as Comprehensive Conservative Care. It’s comprehensive due to the fact all of our treatment includes a thorough look at what is required to maintain your oral health and it is minimal mainly because we simply do exactly what is absolutely necessary to achieve your personal goals. Obviously, prevention is the best way to ensure a healthy mouth, therefore the dentist places tremendous emphasis on preventive dental care in the practice. The purpose of all treatment is to bring the individual to an optimal status of oral health and functionality that can be maintained forever.

The doctor knows that a real smile, one that lasts an eternity, will be based upon a foundation of healthy bone, gums and teeth. Because of this the dentist at all times determines a patient’s initial dental health before undertaking any reconstructive or cosmetic work. We have determined that the following process brings about the best long-term outcome while steering clear of painful and ill-timed emergencies, and also results in probably the most efficient and cost-effective and economical delivery of your care Though not every patient requires all stages the fundamental process stays precisely the same

Stage 1: Healthy Bone, Gums, and Teeth
This stage may well require emergency extractions of hopeless teeth, gum treatment, or endodontics (root canals) to ensure that bone, gums, and teeth are healthy This step is both corrective and preventative, and it prepares a solid foundation for virtually any dental care that follows

Stage 2: Removal of Decay
At this point we eliminate any decay found in the teeth and bring back the integrity of existing fillings. We also bring back these teeth to regular function and shape.

Stage 3: Bite Correction and Balancing
Some patients require correction of their bite in an effort to treat troubles such as wear on the teeth, grinding or strain on the jaw or temporomandibular joint (TMJ disorder). A balanced or modified bite will ensure the long term strength and stableness of both cosmetic and restorative treatment.

Stage 4: Restorative Dental care
After a person has healthy bone and gums is without decay and features a properly functioning bite, the dentist is going to perform prosthetic treatment for long-term bite support. This is the crown and bridge phase, when fixed prostheses are put in and any sort of previously placed dental implants are completed by using crowns or caps or dentures

Stage 5: Cosmetic Dental care
As a final point, the dentist performs any sort of cosmetic dentistry treatments you will have requested comfortable that the porcelain veneers, whitening along with other cosmetic processes are placed on a strong healthy foundation and that the dazzling outcome could be maintained for a lifetime. Depending on the nature and level of the cosmetic treatment, a number of the processes may perhaps be completed sooner in the treatment sequence and can improve your stunning smile in conjunction with restorations from Stage 4