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Fred H. Peck, DDS, FAACD
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“A Tradition of Excellence
In Dentistry for 3 Generations”

Complete Conservative Dentistry


Having that beautiful and healthy smile is a lot easier than you think. {With a correctly sequenced plan of action, there isn’t any reason you cannot have the smile you’ve dreamed about.|You will be able to have the smile you’ve been dreaming about using a uniquely designed treatment plan just for you; one which appears amazing, feels terrific and is designed to last It is very important to use an all-inclusive balanced “whole mouth” approach that takes into account the healthiness of the teeth, gumline, and bite, along with your overall health and, lastly, your esthetic dental crowns The risk of the entire system falling apart is there if just one of those areas is not covered, or quite simply, is out of balance. A large number of individuals believe that correcting teeth is useless and just a waste of time and money but they’re the people not taking the comprehensive approach to dentistry.

The truth however is, with mindful planning, from the most basic to the most complex of dental issues can be solved resulting in a beautiful smile that is certainly one of the greatest and longest lasting purchases you will ever make. Plus the wonderful part is the fact “comprehensive” does not necessarily mean expensive or “extravagant”. In fact the healthiest thing we can do is the minimum level of dental work possible.

This process is what we refer to as Comprehensive Conservative Care. It is comprehensive mainly because all of our treatment incorporates a detailed look at what is required to maintain your oral health and it’s also minimal simply because we only do exactly what is absolutely necessary to attain your personal goals. Of course prevention is the best solution to ensure a healthy mouth, therefore the dentist puts tremendous focus on preventive treatment within the practice. The aim of all treatment is to take the patient to an optimal status of dental health and usefulness which can be taken care of forever.

The doctor knows that a real smile, one which lasts a lifetime is based on a foundation of healthy bone, gums and also teeth. For this reason the dentist always determines a person’s original oral health prior to performing any reconstructive or cosmetic work. We have discovered that the following process brings about the very best long-term results while staying away from painful and ill-timed emergencies, and in addition results in the most efficient and cost-effective and economical delivery of your dental care. While not all patients require every single stage, the fundamental process remains the same

Stage 1: Healthy Bone, Gums, and Teeth
This stage may entail emergency extractions of hopeless teeth, gum treatment, or endodontics (root canals) to make certain teeth, bone, and gums are healthy This step is equally corrective and preventative, and it also prepares a sound foundation for virtually any dental care that will follow.

Stage 2: Elimination of Decay
At this stage we remove any decay evident in your teeth and re-establish the integrity of existing fillings. We in addition restore these teeth to normal function and shape.

Stage 3: Bite Correcting and Balancing
Many patients need correction of their bite as a way to address complications such as wear on the teeth, grinding or strain on the jaw or temporomandibular joint (TMJ disorder). A well-balanced or adjusted bite will help to assure the long-term durability and stableness of both cosmetic as well as restorative treatment.

Stage 4: Restorative Dentistry
After a patient has healthy bone and gums is free of decay and has a properly performing bite, the dentist is going to conduct prosthetic treatment for long term bite support. This is the crown and bridge stage when fixed prostheses are put in and any sort of previously inserted dental implants are finalized through crowns or caps or dentures

Stage 5: Cosmetic Dentistry
Lastly the dentist carries out any sort of cosmetic dentistry procedures you will have wanted, confident that the porcelain veneers, whitening as well as other aesthetic procedures are put on a strong healthy foundation and that the impressive outcome can be preserved for a lifetime. Dependant upon the nature and degree of the aesthetic treatment, a number of the procedures may perhaps be finished sooner in the treatment sequence and will improve your stunning smile in conjunction with restorations from Stage 4